playing favorites

Three incredible posts this week from some of my favorite bloggers:

Sea of Shoes- “Shoes Years Resolution”

Jane gives a us peek into her shoe collection- all the amazing ones that have served her well in the past year and all the equally amazing ones that she hopes to wear more often this year. My favorites are the Alaia boots and the Ann Demeulemeester sandals.

Fashiontoast- “3.1 phillip lim s/s 11”

While in Japan, Rumi got a sneak peek into a 3.1 Phillip Lim showroom. His clothes always strike a balance between soothing color palettes yet unusual and interesting textures and designs.

Luxirare- “5 Days of the Week”

She made 5 jackets and 5 shirts. And they are the most awe-inspiring/incredible thing I’ve seen on the internet for a while. She takes you through the design process and the presentation of her new outfits with a lot of great photos.


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